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3 Words Dr. Korenman and the staff of Loveable Smiles Live By

Here at Loveable Smiles in Richardson, we aim to inspire patients to proactively transform their health by providing extraordinary service with a servant’s heart.Integrity photo

With that in mind, we want to share with you three words that Dr. Korenman and his staff live by:

  1. Integrity – We do the right thing when nobody else is watching.
  2. Compassion – We do unto others what we would have them do unto us!
  3. Resourcefulness – We get it done! That’s why we provide a variety of financing. That is why we will work as hard as we can to get you what you need.Compassion graphic

Call for your appointment with the only dental office to have received the Ethics award from the Dallas Business Journal.resourcefulness image

Call Loveable Smiles: Your place for Total Health Dentistry at 972-231-0585.

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4 Guarantees From Loveable Smiles in Richardson, TX

  1. We will always answer our phone. Our dentist, Dr. Larry Korenman even calls all of his patients the evening of their procedure and he provides his cell phone number to them in case they have any issues.guarantee
  2. We use the highest level of technical equipment and training currently available in the dental field.
  3. We will never hurt you or cause you pain. Because we have invested in the most current dental, laser technology, it allows us to be a pain-free dental office. Additionally, Dr. Korenman and his team encourage their patients to raise their “dental finger” if they are experiencing any discomfort. This is the left index finger and if you raise it, Dr. K will immediately stop work and will do any adjustments necessary to make you more comfortable.
  4. We have a dentist who will listen. Dr. Korenman is referred to as the “Listening Dentist.” And patients really appreciate his willingness to listen to their concerns and fears.

Call Loveable Smiles in Richardson for your Total Health Dental Appointment where we treat people, not just teeth.


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4 Guarantees From Loveable Smiles Dental Office In Richardson

Here at Loveable Smiles in Richardson, TX, we treat people, not teeth. We love and care deeply for our patients, our team, and our profession. It is our sincere objective to provide you with the best dental care you have ever experienced!

We are the only dental office to have received the Ethics award from the Dallas Business Journal.guarantee

Within our office our entire staff provides the following Four Guarantees For Our Patients:

  1. We will always answer the phone. – Kathy Edington is the heart of our practice and will cheerfully answer your phone calls.
  2. We use the highest level of technical equipment and training. – There have been more technological advances in the field of dentistry than in any other branch of medicine. Dr. Korenman has invested in the most advanced dental technology to provide you, the patient with the greatest comfort as well as a pain free dental experience. Learn more. (Link to tech blog.)
  3. We will never hurt you or cause you any pain. – Less than 2% of dentists use Waterlase technology in their practices. Dr. Korenman uses a Waterlase laser for painless dentistry. Additionally, should you experience any discomfort during your procedure, just raise your “dental finger,” your left index finger. We will stop the procedure and will make adjustments so that you are comfortable.
  4. We have a dentist who will listen to you. – Dr. K has been referred to as the “Listening Dentist.” He’ll even give you his cell number in case you have any questions about your procedure.

Please call our office for a comfortable and pain free dental experience! 972-231-0585

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6 Ways Loveable Smiles Uses Technology for a Painless Dental Experience

One of the most promising aspects of laser dentistry is improved patient comfort, less damage to surrounding tissues, and better healing.

Dr. Korenman is a part of the very small percentage of dentists (only 1%) who have invested in laser technology and provides the finest dental lasers in the industry in his Richardson office: the WaterLase iPlus™ all tissue laser system and the EPIC Diode Laser by Biolase.

For many people, “pain and discomfort” are no longer associated with the dentist, thanks to the WaterLase iPlus™ laser.

In fact, going to the dentist is fun again!

Here are 6 ways Dr. Korenman uses technology for a painless and effective dental experience:

1. Waterlase is a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental tools. Using laser and water spray, Waterlase can perform many procedures without a shot or a drill. The technology helps treat infections, regenerate gum tissue and catch cavities before they appear. Dr. Korenman even uses this amazing laser to help newborns who have tongue tie issues.

2. Additionally, our hygienists use the EPIC Diode Laser by Biolase which promotes healing for gum tissue, can desensitize teeth, doesn’t cause bleeding, kills bacteria and does all of this painlessly. It is also used for teeth whitening, and pain therapy (typically TMJ).

Other high tech procedures we include in our daily routines and have for the last 7 years are:

3. Implant Dentistry – Only 12% of general dentists in the US place implants. 5% of those use the most updated form of technology. And Dr. Korenman is one of these top dentists!

4. Cerec Dentistry- The best thing about CEREC technology, is that your teeth can be restored in one visit. In just a short time, Dr. Korenman can create the perfect crown right down to the color and shade of a natural tooth! Patients are invited to watch how the crown is milled on site and they are fascinated!

5. Zoom Whitening – Beautiful white teeth are one of the easiest and most immediate ways to help you look younger and more attractive. Philips Zoom is the #1 patient-requested professional whitening treatment and has been featured on The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA and Extreme Makeover. Only dental professionals have access to the professional-strength whitening of Philips Zoom.

6. We are a paperless office and use Digital and 2D Imaging. These produce less radiation than traditional x-ray systems.

Come have an enjoyable and painless dental visit! Call Loveable Smiles in Richardson at 972-231-0585.

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