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Dental Truths and Myths: Wisdom Teeth Don’t Matter

Quite often Dr. Korenman hears various myths about wisdom teeth.

Our third molars, or wisdom teeth, gained their nickname from the timing of their appearance—usually between the ages of 17 and 25, when a person leaves adolescence and is seeking higher education.

Dr. Korenman debunks the myths about wisdom teeth below.wisdom-tooth-image

Everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed

This is probably the greatest myth of all. Not everyone needs these teeth removed. They are only extracted when they are impacted, causing current problems or likely to create future problems. If the teeth are not erupting in the proper position and putting pressure on the existing back teeth or in some cases causing infections or cysts your dentist will advise they be removed.

Frequently, there is so little space for wisdom teeth that they become decayed as people are unable to keep them clean. In that situation, the adjacent teeth can become decayed as well which is very preventable by removing the wisdom teeth before that happens.

Many patients keep their wisdom teeth through their entire life with no issues. Regular visits to the dentist starting at an early age can determine if your child’s wisdom teeth are going to cause any problems later in life.

Wisdom teeth serve no purpose

Some people liken wisdom teeth to the appendix and think they serve no purpose. These late arrivals provide the same chewing purpose as any of your other molars when there is adequate room for them and they erupt into proper function.

Wisdom teeth must be removed at an early age Debunking-Dental-Myths-Infographic

Another common myth about wisdom teeth is that having the procedure at a young age is less painful because the nerve endings in the mouth are less developed and the body can handle the pain more efficiently.

The truth is that while we do heal faster at a younger age, it does not mean that people automatically will have problems if they have surgery a bit later.

Here at Loveable Smiles in Richardson, we have invested in the NewTom VG3 Dental CAT-scan which will provide an anatomically accurate 3D image of your wisdom teeth and your entire mouth.

Additionally, some patients need sedation. At Loveable Smiles we can arrange that for you.

Whatever your needs are we can accommodate you.

If you ever have questions or concerns related to your wisdom teeth, please call Loveable Smiles in Richardson at 972–231-0585.


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