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Laser Tongue Treatment/Bad Breath

Laser Away Bad Breath with Tongue Treatment

Do you have bad breath, really bad breath?

It might not be the garlic or onions, coffee or alcohol.bad breath photo

While bad breath can be an indicator of gum disease, sometimes bad breath can be linked to
the types of bacteria that dominate the back portion of your tongue.

People plagued by bad breath despite regular brushing, tongue scraping, flossing and
gargling with mouth wash could benefit from laser therapy.

At Loveable Smiles in Richardson we use our Waterlase i-Plus to painlessly and easily
“rejuvenate” the surface of the tongue and eliminate your bad breath.

Bacteria & The Tongue

Some bacteria protect against halitosis, the formal name for really bad breath, while others
cause the pungent odor.

One of the reasons people have found great difficulty fighting bad breath is because they
don’t know how to reach the areas of the tongue where bacteria live, feed, and reproduce

The back of the tongue is an ideal breeding ground for anaerobic (oxygen resistant) bacteria.

Dr. Korenman of Loveable Smiles uses a gentle water laser to target bacteria and to eliminate
them from the tongue.

After treatment, many people don't even have morning breath.

Relief from persistent bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth can be can be found by making
an appointment to see Dr. Korenman at 972-231-0585.