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How Dr. Larry Korenman & His Staff at Loveable Smiles Provide A Personal Touch in a High-Tech World

Technology is the key to making company operations faster and more accurate. Dentistry is no exception. Dr. Korenman of Loveable Smiles has invested in the latest dental technology that allows him and his team to see things that normally go undetected. Using the NewTom VG3 Dental CAT-scan Dr. Korenman is able to obtain limitless, 3D views including between the teeth, under the gums, in the bones and even nerve canals and sinuses can be seen. This allows Dr. K to completely diagnose and provide full treatment options.

Patients are now able to clearly see for themselves what is present as Dr. Korenman shows them in understandable terms.Dr. k 3full-size

Here’s how the staff at Loveable Smiles provides a personal & comforting touch along with all their dental technology.

  1. We will NEVER cause you pain. Korenman is dedicated to reversing the trend of miserable dental events. Dr. Korenman and his team encourage their patients to raise their “dental finger” if they are experiencing any discomfort. This is the left index finger and if you raise it, Dr. K will immediately stop work and will do any adjustments necessary to make you more comfortable.
  2. We will always answer our phone. Our dentist, Dr. Larry Korenman even calls all of his patients the evening of their procedure and he provides his cell phone number to them in case they have any issues.
  3. We have a dentist who will listen. Korenman is referred to as the “Listening Dentist.” And patients really appreciate his willingness to listen to their concerns and fears.
  4. Your time is valuable to us. We don’t over-book our schedule and we promise to see you on time.
  5. No surprises. We explain all treatments and fees for prescribed treatments so there are no surprises in the bill.
  6. Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body. At Loveable Smiles, we practice Total Health Dentistry and educate our patients on the “Mouth Body Connection.”
  7. Even if it’s been a while. If it’s been some time or even a long time since your last appointment, we want you to know that we never will scold you or make you feel guilty about that because we are just glad to see you. We are here to serve you for a healthy future.

It is our daily commitment to treat people, not just their teeth.

Loveable Smiles is the only dental office to have received the North Texas Business Ethics award from the Dallas Business Journal.

We invite you to have an enjoyable and painless dental visit at Loveable Smiles in Richardson. Please call 972-231-0585.

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Richardson Hygienist Receiving Invisalign Treatment

chessa lower arch

Chessa’s teeth before Invisalign.

Our Hygienist, Chessa, has chosen Invisalign treatment and is on her 6th of 21 aligners.

The computer generated image on what Chessa will be able to enjoy once she is finished with her treatment.

The computer generated image on what Chessa will be able to enjoy once she is finished with her treatment.

A computer generated image of Chessa's teeth before Invisalign.  As you can see, the image is an exact replication of the current alignment of her teeth.

A computer generated image of Chessa’s teeth before Invisalign. As you can see, the image is an exact replication of the current alignment of her teeth.

The photo on the left is Chessa’s “before” photo.  The computer generated image on the right is what Chessa will be able to enjoy once she is finished with her treatment.

Invisalign is the modern approach to straightening teeth without metal brackets or wires.

With Invisalign, the aligners are removable, so it’s easy to continue brushing and flossing your teeth the way you normally do.

Learn more.

Call Loveable Smiles in Richardson for your complimentary Invisalign treatment. 972-231-0585

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Dr. Korenman Featured In D Magazine!

Check out all the great things that D Magazine says about Dr. K!Dr.K


Dr. Larry Korenmanknown as the listening dentist, is one of 12% of all general dentists in the country who places implant using 3D technology for greater predictability and for your safety..


He is the only dentist in Texas who has received the Dallas Business Journal 2010 Ethics Award.  


He uses technology, humor, kindness, words and gentleness to help patients experience painless dentistry.


Dr. Korenman has practiced 30 plus years and continues to learn about better ways to treat patients which is displayed on our Wall of Awards with CE, and Dental Symposium including Pankey Dentistry Philosophy.

Loveable Smiles is conveniently located in the heart of the IT corridor in Richardson Texas.

Our office number is 972-231-0585.

Dr. Korenman has his cell number on his business card and proudly shares it with his patients. That number is 214-564-1700. He does this as he calls his patients every evening to check on them.

We believe you deserve a Loveable Smile.

Here’s the link to learn more about Dr. Korenman!


Please share it with your family and friends.

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Meet Natalie Jimenez, Dental Assistant at Loveable Smiles in Richardson

Natalie Jimenez has been an Dental Assistant since 2009. She recently moved to Garland from New Jersey to be near her parents. Within just a couple of weeks of moving to Texas, she gave birth to her 3rd son.Natalie Jiminez photo

She and her husband enjoy spending time together as a family. Her boys are thrilled at having discovered What-A-Burger but the parents are still looking for a really good Tex Mex restaurant.

Natalie’s gentle nature and goal to make the patient as comfortable as possible make her a favorite with patients and her fellow team members. Natalie brings more than six years experience to her role working side-by-side assisting Dr. Korenman with patient care. She loves the opportunity to work with the leading technology such as CEREC and Implant dentistry.

“I am a people person, and I love working with and learning about our patients. This job is so interesting, each patient has a different need, and each case is different. The combination of working so closely with patients, and the incredible opportunity to learn and grow makes this the perfect job for me. Dentistry today is exciting,. The technology is incredible, and Dr. Korenman and our entire team are committed to remaining cutting edge, in both the areas of high-tech dentistry and patient experience.”

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