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3 Words Dr. Korenman and the staff of Loveable Smiles Live By

Here at Loveable Smiles in Richardson, we aim to inspire patients to proactively transform their health by providing extraordinary service with a servant’s heart.Integrity photo

With that in mind, we want to share with you three words that Dr. Korenman and his staff live by:

  1. Integrity – We do the right thing when nobody else is watching.
  2. Compassion – We do unto others what we would have them do unto us!
  3. Resourcefulness – We get it done! That’s why we provide a variety of financing. That is why we will work as hard as we can to get you what you need.Compassion graphic

Call for your appointment with the only dental office to have received the Ethics award from the Dallas Business Journal.resourcefulness image

Call Loveable Smiles: Your place for Total Health Dentistry at 972-231-0585.

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4 Guarantees From Loveable Smiles in Richardson, TX

  1. We will always answer our phone. Our dentist, Dr. Larry Korenman even calls all of his patients the evening of their procedure and he provides his cell phone number to them in case they have any issues.guarantee
  2. We use the highest level of technical equipment and training currently available in the dental field.
  3. We will never hurt you or cause you pain. Because we have invested in the most current dental, laser technology, it allows us to be a pain-free dental office. Additionally, Dr. Korenman and his team encourage their patients to raise their “dental finger” if they are experiencing any discomfort. This is the left index finger and if you raise it, Dr. K will immediately stop work and will do any adjustments necessary to make you more comfortable.
  4. We have a dentist who will listen. Dr. Korenman is referred to as the “Listening Dentist.” And patients really appreciate his willingness to listen to their concerns and fears.

Call Loveable Smiles in Richardson for your Total Health Dental Appointment where we treat people, not just teeth.


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How is Diabetes related to your mouth?

This blog post is the second in a series of articles to inform our readers about the connection between your oral health and your overall health.


It’s called the “Mouth-Body Connection,” and it means that poor dental health can severely deteriorate your body, especially your lungs and heart, and it can also lead to a host to other conditions including Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and even some Cancers.


So, how is Diabetes related to your mouth? Diabetes-and-your-oral-health image 2


If you have gum disease and your gums bleed, you’re sending bacteria and inflammation by-products through your blood vessels, damaging the vessels and exacerbating your diabetes condition.


Additionally, this is how gum disease affects Diabetics:

  1. Uncontrolled Type II Diabetics are at a higher risk for gum disease.
  2. Severe gum disease can affect blood sugar.
  3. Diabetics have a decreased ability to fight bacteria that invade the gums.
  4. Medication can cause dry mouth which can cause soreness, ulcers, infections and cavities.


Your gums are the “foundation of your house” and if the foundation crumbles, the house crumbles with it.*


The good news is that Dr. Korenman and his team are dedicated to educating the public about the dangers of gum disease and they check all their patients for it.   He and his team are also dedicated to educating their patient family about the health of your mouth and the health of your body.

If you are diagnosed with gum disease, Dr. Korenman can design a treatment plan to help you keep it under control.

We urge you to call Loveable Smiles for your Total Health Dental Care appointment at 972-231-0585.

This is just one of many examples of dentistry saves lives.

*Dr. Elias J. Achey Jr., D.M.D. “A cup of coffee with 12 leading dentists in the United States.

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Painless Parker: Part Show Man, Part Dentist

One of our patients sent us a copy of this ad from 1917 featuring “Painless Parker: Surgical and Mechanical Dentistry.” Painless Parker Dental Ad Image

Painless Parker was, at one point, was more famous than the president!

Painless Parker, a dentist from the turn of the century who was a pro at advertising for performing “painless extractions. ”

He established the first and, hopefully, last sidewalk dental show. He employed a brass band, bespangled women and contortionists who would perform a sideshow to drum up patients. Dr. Parker would be on-hand to speak out on the horrors of tooth decay and then he would ask for volunteers to come forth to sit in his portable dental chair. One of his assistants would volunteer, and the doctor would pretend to extract a tooth without causing pain. He would afterwards display a palmed tooth to the astonished audience.

But back in his office when Dr. Parker pulled a real tooth, he would tap his foot to signal to the band to play and thereby drown out the screams of the unlucky patient.

A couple of other controversial things he did include:Painless Parker Image 2

  • He armed himself with an aqueous solution of cocaine he called “hydrocaine,” Parker shared his message on street corners where he offered painless extractions for 50 cents. He promised that, if the extraction hurt, he would pay patients $5! The first night he extracted 12 teeth and didn’t have to give anyone the money. He found this surprising because, after the seventh patient, he ran out of hydrocaine!
  • The outside of the Flatbush Avenue building that housed his dental office blazed with the following claims:
  • “Proclaimed by Public, Press and Pulpit”;
  • “Painless Parker Is Positively Perfect”;
  • “Pains and Pangs Positively Prevented.”

The dental association was not amused by his false claims. Born Edgar Rudolph Randolph Parker, he legally changed his name to “Painless” in 1915 because of complaints of false advertising.

Luckily, Dr. Korenman of Loveable Smiles in Richardson employs truth-in-advertising has been referred to as the “Listening Dentist” who provides “No Pain, No Fear” dental services.

Dr. Korenman has invested in the most advanced dental technology to provide you, the patient with the greatest comfort as well as a pain free dental experience.


Call for your pain free dental experience. 972-231-0585

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Wonderful Review About Loveable Smiles On Yelp

We recently received a wonderful review about Loveable Smiles on Yelp.

We appreciate this mom taking the time to share about her son’s experience. To write your own dental review for Loveable Smiles, click here.

“I’m in process of having my son’s wisdom teeth extracted through Dr. Korenman’s office. The staff is genuinely friendly and the initial consult was tremendously in depth. He spent at least 30 minutes discussing not just the wisdom teeth, but other areas of potential future issues. I did not feel like it was a sales pitch at all, but an informative session with excellent images and an expert in an area in which I only have a basic knowledge. The funny thing is that the one thing I can tell my son does need in addition to the extraction is teeth whitening, but there was not mention of that! The icing on the cake so far has been this note received from his office:

“I am so happy you are happy. Thank you for trusting us with your most prized possession. We will treasure him as you would. ”

I’m sure I’ll be updating this review following the extraction, but had to share so far.”
Yes, the entire family at Loveable Smiles treasures our patients.

We treat people, not teeth.

Call our office for your caring and comfortable dental appointment! 972-231-0585

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4 Guarantees From Loveable Smiles Dental Office In Richardson

Here at Loveable Smiles in Richardson, TX, we treat people, not teeth. We love and care deeply for our patients, our team, and our profession. It is our sincere objective to provide you with the best dental care you have ever experienced!

We are the only dental office to have received the Ethics award from the Dallas Business Journal.guarantee

Within our office our entire staff provides the following Four Guarantees For Our Patients:

  1. We will always answer the phone. – Kathy Edington is the heart of our practice and will cheerfully answer your phone calls.
  2. We use the highest level of technical equipment and training. – There have been more technological advances in the field of dentistry than in any other branch of medicine. Dr. Korenman has invested in the most advanced dental technology to provide you, the patient with the greatest comfort as well as a pain free dental experience. Learn more. (Link to tech blog.)
  3. We will never hurt you or cause you any pain. – Less than 2% of dentists use Waterlase technology in their practices. Dr. Korenman uses a Waterlase laser for painless dentistry. Additionally, should you experience any discomfort during your procedure, just raise your “dental finger,” your left index finger. We will stop the procedure and will make adjustments so that you are comfortable.
  4. We have a dentist who will listen to you. – Dr. K has been referred to as the “Listening Dentist.” He’ll even give you his cell number in case you have any questions about your procedure.

Please call our office for a comfortable and pain free dental experience! 972-231-0585

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4 Forms of Dental Neglect

Neglect is the most expensive thing in dentistry.

Dr. Korenman of Loveable Smiles in Richardson shares 4 forms of neglect when it comes to your teeth.

  1. You haven’t been to the dentist in a while.
    If it’s been a while since you’ve visited the dentist, we want you to know that here at Loveable Smiles, we will not judge you, criticize you or scold you. We will be thrilled to see you.
  2. Your former dentist neglected to inform you of potential future problems.
    Larry Korenman provides all of his patients with a dental plan to help them achieve Optimal Dental Health. He doesn’t just practice “Tooth Dentistry” which only fixes one problem at a time. He can save you money and future issues by advising you of potential future problems.
  3. Your former dentist caused you pain and so  you haven’t been back.
    Here at Loveable Smiles, we will NEVER cause you pain. Dr. Korenman uses the latest in dental technology so that you can have a comfortable and pain-free dental experience.
  4. You were told of problems but never got the treatment.
    Once again, if it’s been a while since you’ve been to the dentist, we won’t scold you. We will be glad you are here, now. We have all kinds of creative financing plans to help our patients receive the dental care they need. Our patient ambassador, Kathy, works with insurance companies all the time to help the patient.

Please call our office for that much needed dental appointment. We’ll be glad to see you!


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Dr. Korenman Featured In D Magazine!

Check out all the great things that D Magazine says about Dr. K!Dr.K


Dr. Larry Korenmanknown as the listening dentist, is one of 12% of all general dentists in the country who places implant using 3D technology for greater predictability and for your safety..


He is the only dentist in Texas who has received the Dallas Business Journal 2010 Ethics Award.  


He uses technology, humor, kindness, words and gentleness to help patients experience painless dentistry.


Dr. Korenman has practiced 30 plus years and continues to learn about better ways to treat patients which is displayed on our Wall of Awards with CE, and Dental Symposium including Pankey Dentistry Philosophy.

Loveable Smiles is conveniently located in the heart of the IT corridor in Richardson Texas.

Our office number is 972-231-0585.

Dr. Korenman has his cell number on his business card and proudly shares it with his patients. That number is 214-564-1700. He does this as he calls his patients every evening to check on them.

We believe you deserve a Loveable Smile.

Here’s the link to learn more about Dr. Korenman!


Please share it with your family and friends.

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