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Laser Technology Could Be The Answer To Your Baby’s Feeding Issues

Tongue and lip ties are common causes of slow weight gain in babies and low milk supply in mothers. Additionally, tongue and lip ties can affect jaw and dental development, breathing, chewing, and digestive issues. But what exactly is it?

Tongue tie occurs when the thin piece of skin under the baby’s tongue restricts the tongue’s movement. Lip tie is similar, but as the name suggests, occurs between the upper lip and upper gum line. Both conditions cause the baby to have limited mobility of the tongue and lips. Tongue and lip ties are common, but often go undiagnosed.

Thanks to laser technology, Dr. Larry Korenman of Loveable Smiles has been helping infants who have trouble nursing due to tongue-tie and lip-tie issues. Known as Laser Frenectomy, the procedure uses cool water to virtually eliminate bleeding, pain, and the risk of infection. In fact, healing in infants is almost instantaneous, and the procedure itself takes less than a minute.

In February, 2015, Dr. Korenman was featured on WFAA Channel 8 to talk about this unique service. We have helped numerous families correct tongue and lip ties in their babies, and Dr. Korenman has even treated his own grandchildren!

Tongue and lip ties interfere with a baby’s ability to receive adequate nourishment and can affect the overall health of your child’s developing mouth. If you suspect your child may have one or both of these issues, we invite you to schedule a consultation at Loveable Smiles in Richardson, TX, where we have the tools and experience to help. Please call us at 972-231-0585, or use our online form to contact us today!