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How are migraines related to your mouth?

This blog post is the 10th in a series of articles to inform our readers about the connection between your oral health and your overall health.


It’s called the “Mouth-Body Connection,” and it means that poor dental health can severely deteriorate your body, especially your lungs and heart, and it can also lead to a host to other conditions including migraines, Alzheimer’s disease and even some Cancers.


What is a migraine headache? migraine

Migraine is a chronic disorder characterized by recurrent moderate to severe headaches, usually affecting one side of the head and accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound.


True migraine headaches are vascular in nature. Inflammation in the mouth and especially in the presence of gum disease and infections affects all the blood vessels.

The link tmj pain 2between migraines and TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)

  • When the jaws and teeth do not align or work harmoniously together, the patient can have neck and shoulder pain which can lead to headaches, and migraines.
  • The bite/function of the teeth could be negatively impacting the jaw joint.

Teeth that are out of alignment are more difficult to keep clean which can also contribute to gum disease.


Gum disease not only leads to severe oral health disorders, but can exacerbate overall health conditions, such as diabetes or respiratory disorders.


TMJ and your dentist

If you experience chronic, daily headaches (or even one a month) and no one has been able to resolve your issue, consider seeing Dr. Korenman.

To determine treatment, Dr. Korenman uses diagnostic technology to relax the jaw muscles. Once he knows where the muscles and jaw are most comfortable, he can apply an orthotic (or “mouth guard”) to maintain the comfortable position. For some, establishing an optimal position for long-term comfort may require wearing the orthotic for several weeks to several months.

More about gum disease

80% of people have Gum Disease and DO NOT KNOW IT! There is usually no pain involved for people until extremely late in the degeneration. Many gum problems will go unnoticed until they are diagnosed by a dentist.


The good news is that Dr. Korenman and his team are dedicated to educating the public about the dangers of gum disease and they check all their patients for it.

If you are diagnosed with gum disease, Dr. Korenman can design a treatment plan to help you keep it under control.

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This is just one of many examples of how we treat people, not just teeth.