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Dental Truths and Myths: Dental Implants Don’t Usually Work and Often Fail

Quite often Dr. Korenman hears the following and very common dental myth:11002620_861074030601651_865004048774769856_n

“Dental Implants don’t work; they usually fail.”

Here are the realities of dental implants:

  • They the best thing to happen in dentistry! The advancements in dental implants over the years are life changing. Simply stated, dental implants reconnect people with what they’ve lost. Youth. Self-esteem. Confidence. Function. Happiness. The joy of kissing!
  • Dental Implants are the most predictable dental procedure with a 95% – 98% success rate.  Because implants are made of completely biologically compatible ‘bone-friendly’ titanium material, they naturally heal and integrate with the surrounding tissues. In the few failures that do occur, replacement implants are 95% – 98% successful.

Occasionally, though, dental implant failure can result from dentists and/or patients seeking a cheaper or easier method or solution.


Taking “shortcuts” during the diagnostic phase.

Although a two-dimensional panographic x-ray can be sufficient in many types of oral surgery, it is not preferable for planning proper dental implant placement. When placing dental implants, many things that must be considered require a three-dimensional view.

That is why Dr. Korenman has invested in the NewTom VG3 Dental graphic

Benefits of this dental CAT scan include:

  • Anatomically accurate 3D image of your mouth.
  • It provides the most comprehensive and accurate information required to determine your bone quantity and quality for possible dental implants.
  • If teeth have been missing for some time he can see how much bone loss has occurred and determine what type of bone grafting may be needed.
  • With Dental CT scanning, implant procedures can be planned in detail before any surgery takes place.
  • This means virtually no surprises when Dr. Korenman performs surgery.

Not choosing an experienced dental implant specialist.

Only 12% of general dentists in the US place implants. 5% of those use the most updated form of technology. Dr. Korenman is one of these top dentists. Dr. Korenman’s more than 30 years of experience combined with his advanced training in implant and cosmetic dentistry are important factors in his ability to produce optimal results.

The best way to replace missing teeth permanently is with dental implants.

Dental implants look natural, produce a beautiful smile, and allow you to eat, speak and function as you did when your mouth was healthy.

For more information about dental implants, please call Loveable Smiles in Richardson at (972) 231-0585 and schedule a complimentary consultation.