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Dental Truths and Myths: A missing tooth doesn’t need to be replaced as it doesn’t show and I can still chew

Quite often Dr. Korenman hears the following and very common dental myth:

“I don’t need to replace my missing tooth. It doesn’t show and I can still chew.”man missing tooth

The reality is that a missing tooth has a dangerous domino effect in your mouth.

When natural teeth are lost the damage goes well below the surface of the gums.

  • The bone that once supported and surrounded those roots starts to deteriorate immediately and painlessly.
  • All the other teeth start to shift which causes the bite to become out of balance which leads to damage to the teeth, muscles and joints.
  • The opposing teeth begin to shift into the gap causing more bite pressure imbalance and damage .
  • The teeth on either side of a missing tooth will start to lean into that gap.
  • When teeth don’t line up correctly they don’t have the proper stress distributions, so they are getting overworked and over-stressed.

The bad news is that you don’t feel this domino effect.  Unfortunately, over time this misalignment can make it difficult to keep your teeth clean which can contribute to cavities and gum disease.

Imagine a brick archway. photo brick archway

If you take a brick out of an archway and come back in a year, you won’t be able to put that brick back in its place because everything has settled a bit.

Perhaps the archway hasn’t fallen down, but it’s certainly not going to last as long as the arch with all the bricks in place.

When you have multiple missing teeth, bone resorption (shrinkage) occurs which causes the face to collapse. These changes can become so severe that they make the person look many years older than they actually are.

An estimated 30 million American adults live with one or more missing teeth. (That’s one out of every 4 drivers on the road.)


Dr. Korenman of Loveable Smiles can help with dental implants and other methods of tooth replacement.


The advancements in dental implants over the years are life changing. Simply stated, dental implants reconnect people with what they’ve lost. Youth. Self-esteem. Confidence. Function. Happiness. The joy of kissing!


With the advances in implant dentistry now available from Loveable Smiles, you can soon be eating what you want, when you want, and where you want. Your facial muscle tone will be restored. You’ll put 20 years of life back in your smile. You’ll regain the self-confidence and quality of life you lost when you lost your teeth.

For more information, please call Loveable Smiles in Richardson at (972) 231-0585 and schedule a complimentary consultation.