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Foods to Eat to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Proper nutrition and diet programs affect our health. For dental concerns, there are certain foods to eat to keep your teeth healthy.Foods to Eat to Keep Your Teeth Healthy Oral checks must also be done regularly to ensure you get healthy teeth, gums, and mouth for healthy body functions.

Knowing the Risks
It is best to let you know the risks of ignoring your teeth’s health and nutritional requirements so you will understand better how important to take care of your teeth through the foods you eat and other habits you need to change.

These are the result of plaque build-up. Cavities appear as holes in the teeth. As they grow bigger and touch some nerves, you feel pain. A tooth abscess comes from an untreated cavity so you should hurry up for treatment when you spot a cavity in your teeth.

Periodontal Disease
This is another name for gum disease. It starts as gingivitis or gum problem in its early stage. Gingivitis can be cured to stop further issues but if not taken seriously, it can lead to the formation of little spaces between the teeth and gums that is known as “pockets.” These pockets are then colonized by bacteria that result to periodontitis.
The symptoms include tender, swollen or discoloured gums. Receding and bleeding gums, loose tooth, bad breath, and sensational changes when eating. Root surface debridement is the procedure used for treating this disease.

Understanding Dietary Essentials
Here are the foods that you need in optimizing oral health at its best potentials.

Calcium and Phosphorus
Milk, cheeses, chicken or other meats, and nuts are rich in phosphorus and calcium that are effective to remineralize the teeth after damaged by acids.

High Water Content
This include firm or crunchy fruits like pears, apples and even vegetables. The high water content in these fruits and vegetables stimulate salivary flow, washing the acid away, and dilutes sugary effects. Tomatoes, lemons, citrus and other acidic foods must be taken as part of larger meals to minimize acidic reactions.

This universal solvent is the best beverage for all body types and ages. Sugar-containing drinks must be limited to avoid decay-causing acids.

These fruits along with blueberries, eggplant, red cabbage, raspberries and black rice are rich in anthocyanins that prevent pathogenic attachment the teeth and other host tissues.

These help destroy plaque and gingivitis making you less prone to periodontal diseases.
Soy, green tea, whole foods, Echinacea, ginseng, ginger, garlic, and other foods rich in zinc, irons, vitamins C, A, D, B, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants in addition to calcium and phosphorus helps you get complete oral health in action.
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